BBBO offers a variety of educational programs including organized classes and workshops, informal independent instruction, NABC certification, and on- or off-site demonstrations.


Soup to Nets:  A Comprehensive Introduction to Passerine Banding:  The course is taught each spring and fall during peak migration where capture rates of 100 – 300 birds per day are not uncommon.  The course is designed to provide adults with a variety of hands-on experiences, allowing participants to learn the proper way to handle and band songbirds.  Suitable for both novice and experienced banders, the course provides instruction in best practices and is an excellent primer for NABC certification.

Back to Basics (and Alternates): An Advanced Molt Workshop: This summer workshop is aimed at banders who are currently involved with or who are considering opening MAPS stations, and at migration or project-based banders who desire a better grasp of molt and other aging techniques.   In addition to hands-on practice finding and interpreting molt limits, students will receive instruction on molt trends within families (including woodpeckers), and on using the new Wolfe-Ryder-Pyle cycle-based aging system as a complement or replacement for the traditional Humphrey-Parkes-Howell calendar-based aging system.

MAPS Prep: An Advanced Molt Workshop: This spring workshop is aimed at banders who are currently involved with or who are considering opening MAPS stations.   Students will receive hands-on instruction in accurately using all aspects of the MAPS datasheet.  In particular, we will focus on finding and interpreting molt limits; coding feather tracts as to their plumage generation; recognizing and scoring cloacal protuberances and brood patches; assessing body molt, flight feather molt, and flight feather wear; and quantifying the extent of skull development.  Both the traditional Humphrey-Parkes-Howell and the newer Wolfe-Ryder-Pyle aging systems will be explained and employed.

Teen Banding Course:  The summer class for teenagers teaches young bird enthusiasts the proper way to handle and band songbirds, as well as the importance of banding to both science and conservation.

NABC Certification:

Certification Opportunities: BBBO periodically hosts North American Banding Council certification sessions during which a half-dozen or more candidates may be evaluated by several visiting certified trainers, and we also offer the opportunity for individual candidates to be evaluated by local certified trainers on a case-by-case basis.

Certification Preparation: Individuals – especially those without the luxury of working with NABC-certified trainers – considering certification often wonder if they are ready for evaluation.  BBBO trainers are often available to work one-on-one with prospective candidates, so that candidates can polish skills, assess readiness, and better understand the expectations and process.  Contact Andrea Patterson for more information.

Banding Demonstrations and Presentations:

Demos and Presentations: BBBO volunteers are available to give on- and off-site banding demonstrations and presentations. Please send us a note to arrange details.

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