NABC Certification

On behalf of the Eastern Bird Banding Association, BBBO has served as host for eleven North American Banding Council
(NABC) certification sessions. For experienced banders, certification confirms that you have knowledge and skills required to run a station in a way that is safe, ethical and accurate.

No sessions have yet been scheduled for 2019.

Occasionally, BBBO is able to offer the opportunity for individual candidates to be evaluated by local certified trainers, outside of a formally organized certification session. For more information, contact Andrea Patterson.

Announcement for 2018 Session:

The North American Banding Council (NABC) will be holding a Certification Session for passerines on September 14-16, 2018 at Powdermill Avian Research Center (PARC). Testing will be available at the bander level for up to six candidates, and at the trainer level for up to three candidates. If space permits, candidates will also be accepted at the assistant bander level.

Bander-level candidates are encouraged to contact an NABC trainer as early as possible to proctor the written exam portion of the certification before to coming to PARC; however, for those not able to do so, the exam may be taken at PARC by prior arrangement.

Trainer candidates who have previously passed bander certification need not retake the written exam if they obtained a grade of 90 or better in the last five years. Candidates not yet bander certified may apply for both the bander and trainer candidate positions, and will be evaluated for trainer based on first passing the bander certification at this session.

Applications and information, including the Expectations for Bander-level Candidates, may be obtained from the NABC website.  Applications should be submitted no later than August 20 to Andrea Patterson using the online form. Please include a CV detailing past experiences banding landbirds and extracting birds from mistnets, including approximate numbers of birds and species handled, number of seasons, etc. Accepted candidates will be notified no later than August 25.

Candidates will be responsible for the testing fee of $35/level, as well as an additional $35 for meals and expenses. Those wishing to stay on-site may do so for an additional $35/night. Checks or money orders should be made out to Andrea Patterson, and will be due when the candidate is accepted for the session.

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