Teen Bander Training Course

Note:  The Teen Camp is on hiatus for 2017, but it will return in 2018.  Stay tuned!

Announcement for the 2016 Teen Summer Bander Training Course:

Cici bands a Tufted Titmouse during the 2012 Summer Teen Bander Training Class

Cici bands a Tufted Titmouse during the 2012 Summer Teen Bander Training Class

Braddock Bay Bird Observatory is pleased to offer a Banders’ Training Course for teenagers, which will be taught from Monday July 11 to Friday July 15, 2016.  The course aims to introduce students to the basic techniques of bird banding, as well as to prepare them to be ambassadors for conservation at Braddock Bay Bird Observatory or  in their local communities.

The course is open to students aged 14-18 who are interested in learning banding skills from supportive, professional staff.  Students outside of this age range are encouraged to contact Andrea Patterson at the address below.  Training will take place at the Kaiser-Manitou Beach Banding Station, located just northwest of Rochester, NY on the shore of Lake Ontario, from 8am – 3pm daily.

Mornings will feature hands-on training in the field while afternoons will be devoted to discussions and activities involving various aspects of bird banding.  General topics to be covered during the 5 day session include setting up nets, removing birds from mist nets, identifying species, proper handling and processing of birds (including biometrics, ageing and sexing, etc.), and ethics.  Each skill is discussed within the broader context of scientific research and conservation.  So for example, students will learn to assess the fat level of a bird, but will also learn why fat is crucial to migration and why stopover habitats like Braddock Bay are crucial to building up fat stores.

The course is taught by NABC-certified Trainers and BBBO volunteers, and we aim for a ratio of one trainer for every two students.. 

The cost of the course is $50.00, which includes the cost of materials.  Students should bring their own lunches and snacks.  Interested students from out of town should email Andrea Patterson (below) to enquire about the possibility of accommodations.  We are not able to supervise unaccompanied children overnight, but we do have accommodations available for parents who wish to spend the week. 

To apply, download the Summer 2016 Teen BTC Application.  For additional information about the Teen Banders’ Training Course please contact:

Andrea Patterson     email

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