International Field Assistantships



Mike’s first day in 2013, when he went through “Trial by Chickadee.”

While bander training opportunities are scarce for students living in the United States, they are often even more difficult to find in other countries. Braddock Bay Bird Observatory’s International Field Assistant training program aims to foster the development of young biologists especially from Latin American countries, so that they can advance avian conservation at home.

BBBO is a high-volume passerine banding station investigating stopover ecology along the Lake Ontario shoreline. We band nearly 10,000 birds annually, and we serve as a research station for ornithologists from a half-dozen colleges and universities. This program is a unique opportunity to gain competence in mist-netting and banding skills, while participating in a suite of research projects.

Assistants will spend a month or more at the Observatory, and will participate in all aspects of mist-netting, banding, and station maintenance. Training will be provided at every level, and opportunities for NABC certification are available. These are volunteer positions, but housing will be provided and occasionally grant money is available to help defray travel expenses.

For more information, contact Andrea Patterson.

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