BBBO is committed to presenting its results in peer-reviewed publications and at conferences.  Below are listed recent publications, dissertations, and theses by BBBO staff and by researchers utilizing data collected at our station.

BBBO Publications

Morris, S.R, K.M. Covino, J.D. Jacobs, and P.D. Taylor. 2016. Fall migratory patterns of the Blackpoll Warbler at a continental scale. Auk: Ornithological Advances 133:41-51.

Oberkircher, M. Seasonal Variation in Chronic Stress and Energetic Condition in Three Species of Migratory Birds. 2015. Masters Thesis, Rochester Institute of Technology.

Smith, S.B., A.C. Miller, C.R. Merchant, and A.F. Sankoh. 2015. Local site variation in stopover physiology of migrating songbirds near the south shore of Lake Ontario is linked to fruit availability and quality. Conservation Physiology 3(1): cov036. DOI: 10.1093/conphys/cov036.

Smith, S.B. and S.R. McWilliams. 2015. Recommended plantings for migratory songbird habitat management. Rochester, NY: Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Rhode Island. Access: http://scholarworks.rit.edu/other/810

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Holzschuh, J.A.  2014.  Energetics and Migration in Songbirds:  Two Case Studies Examining Energetic Condition and Migration at a Northern Stopover Location.  Master’s Thesis, SUNY Brockport.

Muheim, R., I. Henshaw, S. Sjöberg, and M.E. Deutschlander.  2014.  BirdOriTrack: a video tracking program as new tool in experimental orientation research with migratory birds.  Journal of Field Ornithology 85:91-105.

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