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Braddock Bay Bird Observatory is a non-profit organization dedicated to ornithological research, education and conservation.  BBBO is operated entirely by volunteers, with the financial support of our members.  Our primary research and education facility, the Kaiser-Manitou Beach Banding Station, is located on the south shore of Lake Ontario northwest of Rochester, NY.  Find out more.

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NEW !!!  Adopt-a-Net

In addition to our popular Adopt-a-Bird Program, we now have an Adopt-a-Net Program!  At the end of the year, all adoptive net-takers will receive a status report on their net – how many birds were caught of how many species, information on interesting captures and recaptures, and any other unusual events involving the net.  Check it out, and support BBBO by choosing your favorite net!

Spring Banding

After two painfully dreary wintery weeks in early April, spring is finally here!  We are open for the season, and we welcome visitors.  We are seeing lots of Ruby-crowned Kinglets, but the warblers are starting to trickle in.  We round things out with White-throated Sparrows and Hermit Thrushes . . . and the occasional Brown Thrasher or Eastern Towhee!

2016 Visitor Challenge

More than 800 people visited BBBO in 2015, which completely obliterated 2014’s total of 700 guests.  Thanks for making this challenge a big success.  We’ve already had 180 people visit the station this spring so far, and we’ve love to top 900 guests in 2016!!!

Upcoming Events

May 15-May 21:  Spring Bander Training Class
July 11-July 15:  Teen Bander Training Class
July 20-July 24:  Summer Advanced Bander Workshop
September 18-September 24:  Fall Bander Training Class




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